Lisa Schnebly Heidinger

SEMINARS   As an Arizona author, Lisa has developed a curriculum she takes to schools around the state.  Her lively presentation includes history, geography, writing, and art, as well as inspiring stories directed at encouraging children to write easily and with enthusiasm.   Incorporating the Six Traits of Writing, she gears her presentation to each school individually, based on class sizes and grade levels.  Generally she works from “The Three Sedonas” for younger grades and “Chief Yellowhorse Lives On” for older students.  She can conduct breakout-writing seminars for smaller groups if desired, and brings audiovisual materials.  Rates vary by location and program.

SPEECHES  Lisa loves sharing stories about Arizona.  She savors discovering little-known facts, and talking to people who can add details to famous events, as well as introducing audiences to individuals and stories they might otherwise never find.  She is popular with Westerners, historical societies, state park audiences and PEO gatherings.  She loves doing speeches, book signings, roundtables and  leading discussions.  Lisa is happy to expound on any aspect of Arizona; some popular topics are listed below.  Rates vary by location and program.

 Some suggested topics:

 “The Baby State Centennial” Arizona’s First Hundred Years”

“From Cucumbers to Leavenworth: Little Known Facts About Sedona Schnebly”

“Ten Arizona Women’s Wardrobe Essentials" 

“Wild Women of the West: What We Can Learn From Arizona Pioneers” 

“Calling Arizona Home: Who We Are, and Why We’re Not Texas”

“Chief Yellowhorse Lives On: My Favorite Arizona Stories”

“Native Daughter: The Tucson Of My Heart”

"Mormons in Arizona History"

“Fry Bread, Felons and Flying: Twenty-five Years of Arizona Journalism”

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